Intake Worker (Tampa JAC)

Location:  Tampa

Characteristics of Position:

This is professional intervention work in a secure JAC setting that provides juvenile justice client-centered care for those with substance disorders or with co-occurring substance and psychiatric disorders, or other services.  

Core Competencies

  • Client Care - Effectively redirects serious behaviors involving risk of physical harm to self or others or the destruction of property; demonstrates positive engagements with clients reinforcing proactive behaviors; avoids coercive interventions from invitations to escalate or enter into conflict around insignificant behaviors.
  • Communications - Communicate with supervisor and established chain of command regarding daily workflow and/or incidents; document all required information in a clear, legible, timely, concise and accurate manner.
  • Relationship - Respects authority; models direct and clear communications with peers, clients and subordinates; culturally aware and respectful of differences; establish a helping relationship with the person receiving services by demonstrating empathy, respect, and genuineness in order to build trust.
  • Administrative - Precisely documents events and transaction specific to job duties in approved Agency formats; understands and adheres to program operating procedures.
  • Technical - Utilizes Agency communication devices and information technology as a business tool; proficient, as required, in the use of Outlook, Datis, Train Caster, KIS and related IT systems and  software applications.
  • Business Acumen - Adheres to Agency Policy.
  • Professional - Behaves ethically; presents a professional image in appearance, communications and demeanor; adheres to Agency scheduling Policy; follows program activity schedules; committed to personal professional development
  • Analytical - Assist in gathering information about basic and community living of the person receiving services to be used in the assessment process; implement designated interventions and behavioral management programs.
  • Leadership - Seek to participate in effective approaches and training to enhance job skills; seek opportunities to mentor new staff; ability to recognize unsafe behaviors, situations, and environments, act to maintain the safety and well-being of persons receiving services, staff and community members.


Pre-requisite Requirements:

  • High school education required.  High school and one year of experience working in law enforcement, juvenile justice, criminal justice, human services, or other relevant setting is preferred.
  • Bachelor's degree in juvenile justice or criminal justice accepted for the above.
  • All ACTS, Inc. employees must be able and willing to work when expected to accommodate program and/or agency needs, participate in the agency's Quality Improvement Program and attend all assigned/required trainings, practice on-the-job safety at all times, and demonstrate the ability to communicate and work with others and be respectful of peers, supervisors, clients, guests, etc. If required by contract or administrative rule, must fully participate in DJJ PAR (crisis intervention) training and able to apply same to work setting.



Preferred Attributes:                   Bachelors Degree

Physical /Safety/Health Considerations:  Standing, walking, carrying, stooping, speaking, and listening            

Quality of Work Expected:       Level commensurate with satisfactory Intake Worker performance

Quantity of Work Expected:   Commensurate with level necessary to fully meet obligations


Scope of Responsibilities:

Duties include spending a majority of time administering the JAC Intervention Assessment and performing control room functions. This position observes clients for changes in behavior and communicates regularly with clients, co-workers/shift supervisors as appropriate

Supervision: Position reports to the Program Supervisor.  This position does not provide supervision to others.


Core Responsibilities/Essential Functions:

  • Completes admission and orientation documentation.
  • Interprets client handbook for clients as needed; applies applicable rules and regulations to clients.
  • Greets law enforcement personnel and completes required documentation.
  • Searches clients' property for contraband; Inventories and secures client's property.
  • Advises and guides clients on personal hygiene habits.
  • Screens incoming calls and monitors doors and cameras.
  • Assists Detention Screeners and Diversion Specialists with phone contacts to parents, law enforcement, and victims.
  • Communicates regularly with clients, co-workers/shift supervisors and others as appropriate.
  • Observes clients for changes in behavior, monitors activities of clients, motivates clients to participate in activities, makes frequent rounds of facility to insure adequate safeguards are maintained, and maintains client safety. 

The omission of specific statements does not preclude management from assigning specific duties not listed herein if such duties are a logical assignment to position.

PROGRAM SPECIFIC: The program includes the following duties and responsibilities for this position:

  • Administers JAC Intervention Assessments
  • Completes their individual JAC Daily Log at the end of each shift
  • Processes JAC non-arrest cases as assigned
  • Participates in DJJ Bureau of Quality Assurance Program as assigned






Specialized Duties/ Tasks

  • Must possess valid Florida Drivers' License, industry accepted driving history and maintain vehicle insurance required by State of Florida
  • Participates in the preparation and documentation for reports as assigned
  • Document individual contacts, client progress, daily case notes, incident, injury reports and grievances
  • Attend quarterly unit staff meetings
  • Assists with delegated administrative duties
  • Completes intervention Assessments and bills appropriate payor (non-Medicaid)

The omission of specific statements does not preclude management from assigning specific duties not listed herein if such duties are a logical assignment to position.

ACTS is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status.