Clinical Supervisor-Addictions Receiving

Characteristics of Position:

This is a professional, licensed clinical position in a human services agency providing alcohol, drug abuse, mental health or juvenile justice services.  Clinicians provide appropriate assessment and therapy. This is a full time position at the Adult Addictions Receiving Facility (AARF) located in Tampa, Florida.

Location: Tampa, Florida

Core Competencies

  • Understanding Behavior - Understands applicable theories of addiction and human behavior; recognizes the risk and resiliency components of the personal, environmental, social and cultural contexts; co-occurring competent; analyzes and distinguishes between the contributing interactions of physical, social, behavioral, psychological and social factors.
  • Treatment Knowledge - Versed in science based treatment philosophy, models and practice; incorporates the use of other disciplines, family, social networks and community resources in support of individual recovery; utilizes outcome measures in evaluating performance.
  • Application to Practice - Effectively matches client needs to appropriate levels and modalities of care; individualizes strategies and interventions to individual client recovery needs, preferences, readiness, stage of change and unique co-occurring disorders, language, gender and cultural considerations; makes optimum therapeutic use of client crises; incorporates and utilizes pharmaceutic interventions as appropriate; adheres to the fidelity of selected practice models. 
  • Professional Readiness -  Understands and respects diverse cultures and cultural differences; comfortable with and responds to persons with disabilities; evidences personal awareness of strengths, limitations and biases; behaves ethically and adheres to professional standards of conduct;  pursues guidance and supervision and continuous professional development opportunities; remains aware of personal and professional limits in knowledge and expertise.
  • Technical Capabilities - Proficient in the use of Electronic Health Records; effectively utilizes electronic medium (internet, intranet, phones, etc.) to communicate and stay abreast of changes in the field and political and community environments; thoroughly documents and records professional events, activities and transactions.
  • Business Acumen - Knowledgeable of support and benefits available to clients and aggressively works to enable client access to those resources; proficient in the matching and billing of services provided to appropriate fund sources and maintaining audit compliant backup documentation; consistently meets or exceeds established case load size and productivity standards.
  • Professional - Offer consultative services and resources; offer collaboration with community institutions and systems; offer techniques for interacting with community systems (e.g., courts, lawyers, schools); capable in methods of clinical supervision, clinical consultation, and clinical teaching; knowledgeable in Self-assessment methodologies; adheres to professional values and codes of ethics.
  • Analytical - Increased depth and breadth of practice skills; independent competence with diverse diagnostic groups; ability to adapt core knowledge to unique needs of client and milieu; clear definition of limitations in level of expertise and scope of practice; continued participation in direct practice activities; ongoing motivation for learning from practice experience, commitment to and implementation of continuing professional education and development; maintenance of highest level of ethical standards for the profession.
  • Leadership - Specialization in one or more areas of expertise; expertise in participating in the professional development of colleagues (through mentorship, supervision and other modes of teaching); leadership in developing and expanding intervention strategies; leadership in defining and attending to professional issues; ability to expand the conceptual knowledge of the profession.

Pre-requisite Requirements:

  • Master's degree in social work, counseling, psychology or other human services-related field and one year of professional clinical work experience.
  • Current State of Florida License in Mental Health Counseling, Social Work, or a related human services field.
  • Certification as an Addictions Professional (CAP) in the State of Florida may be considered in lieu of licensure.
  • If required by contract or administrative rule, must fully participate in NAPPI (crisis intervention) training and able to apply same to work setting.
  • All ACTS, Inc. employees must be able and willing to work when expected to accommodate program and/or agency needs, participate in the agency's Quality Improvement Program and attend all assigned/required trainings, practice on-the-job safety at all times, and demonstrate the ability to communicate and work with others and be respectful of peers, supervisors, clients, guests, etc.

Preferred Attributes:  Supervision Certification for Registered Interns seeking Licensure.

Physical /Safety/Health Considerations:  Standing, walking, carrying, stooping, speaking, and listening

Incentives and Differentials

Quality of Work Expected:  Level commensurate with satisfactory Clinical Supervision performance

Quantity of Work ExpectedCommensurate with level necessary to fully meet obligations

SupervisionWork is performed under the supervision of a Program Director or Administrator and may provide clinical and/or general supervision to Therapists and Interns as assigned.

Scope of Responsibilities:  The primary duty of the employee is to spend a major portion of time providing assessment, individual, group, and family therapy and other treatment activities for clients and/or families, clinical supervision for non-licensed practitioners and other supervision as determined by agency funding

Core Responsibilities/Essential Functions:

  • Adheres to regulatory bodies and licensing rules, guidelines and established protocols to carry out all duties required by contract, licensure, accreditation, and certification relative to agency, program, service assignment and agency designated model for treating persons with co-occurring mental and substance disorders.

  • Serves as the qualified professional to review and countersign clinical documents, carry out duties of this designation and guides all as a leader in clinical functions for direction and professional development. As assigned, supervises clinical staff and services and provides clinical supervision to non-licensed practitioner and direct care workers.
  • Functions as an equal member of program's management or leadership team and coordinates with the Program Administrator and Charge Nurse to manage program operations, client care and performs administrative duties, developing activity schedules as assigned for all Therapists and Counselors. Assists in the review and development of policies, procedures and guidelines for provision of services to assure compliance with all levels of regulations and ensures implementation.
  • Conducts face to face interviews with clients for development of individual behavioral health or treatment plan, assesses clients for admission into treatment services, maintains case load, reviews psycho-social assessment of client when prepared by counselor and signs off on individual behavioral health treatment plan prior to psychiatrists review and authorization. Serves in consultation to staff to ensure the treatment needs of clients are addressed appropriately.  Reviews and credentials clinical records and participates with treatment personnel in reviewing psychosocial assessments to establish diagnostic impressions, severity of problems, justification for treatment, and treatment plan.
  • Maintain and prepare accurate progress reports and other documentation as assigned. Responsible to maintain clinical chart management as stated by internal policies and procedures, insuring professional clinical practices as well as develop, monitor, and updates treatment plans.
  • Performs related work as required /assigned.

CLINICAL SUPERVISOR - AARF, OPD, OIT, Acute Care Services Program

PROGRAM SPECIFIC: In addition to the above-mentioned responsibilities, the program includes the following duties and responsibilities for this position:

  • Serve as the Counselor for Court Assessment Reports.

  • Provide some supervision to the Nursing staff between AARF and OPD.

  • Assist in increasing revenue/profit maximization for OPD & Opioid Intervention Services.

  • Flexible to 24-hour operations of the facility.

  • Maintain and reduce employee overtime.

  • Complete employee appraisals/goals and reviews.

  • Complete Baker Acts or Marchman Acts as needed.

  • Facilitate and assist with conducting case staffing with MDs, Counselors, and Nurses.

  • Assist and follow-up with assigned staff with meeting all agency training requirements.

  • Assist with MD/Professional Certificates, Petitioners, and Protective Custody (Marchman Acts) admissions/discharges.

  • Attend the Clinical Improvement Team (CIT) meetings.

  • Attend Community meetings.

  • Participate and assist with CRT and/or audits.

  • Check/Submit grievances/resolutions.

  • Ensure submission of employee time sheets.

The omission of specific statements does not preclude management from assigning specific duties not listed herein if such duties are a logical assignment to position.

ACTS is an EEO/AA DFWP Employer.