Characteristics of Position:

This is a graduate student practicum, internship, or field placement in a clinical position in a human services agency providing alcohol, drug abuse, mental health or juvenile justice services.  Therapist Interns provide appropriate assessment, therapy and documentation, working under supervision of the assigned field instructor or designee.

Pre-requisite Requirements:

Currently enrolled in a graduate degree program in social work, counseling, psychology or other human services field and working under a formal learning contract or similar agreement with a university.

Preferred Attributes:

Physical /Safety/Health Considerations:  Standing, walking, carrying, stooping, speaking, and listening

Incentives and Differentials:  N/A

Quality of Work Expected:  Level commensurate with satisfactory Therapist Intern performance

Quantity of Work ExpectedCommensurate with level necessary to fully meet obligations of learning contract.

SupervisionThis position does not provide supervision to others, and reports to the assigned field instructor.

Scope of Responsibilities:

Under supervision of the assigned field instructor or designee, assess when admitting new clients, provide clinical services, maintain and prepare clinical charts, professionally communicate with and provide consultations to parents/significant others.

Core Responsibilities/Essential Functions:

Working under supervision of the assigned field instructor or designee, adheres to regulatory bodies and licensing rules, guidelines and established protocols to carry out duties as established in the learning contract or similar agreement, in compliance with contract, licensure, accreditation, and certification relative to the agency, program, service assignment and agency designated model for treating persons with co-occurring mental and substance disorders.

Provide clinical services including, but not limited to individual, group and family therapy, assessments, treatment plans and reviews, and discharge planning.

Attend scheduled interdisciplinary treatment team meeting or clinical supervisory sessions and discusses aspects of client?s care and progress (or lack of same); may participate in other meetings/events as assigned.

Observe clients for behavioral changes and progress in treatment, communicate empathically with clients regarding addiction, mental illness, medications and recovery.

Conducts face to face interviews with clients to develop individual behavioral health or treatment plans and reviews individual behavioral health treatment plans with assigned field instructor or designee.

Responsible for documenting services he/she directly provides.

Report crisis situations and treatment needs of clients to clinical personnel and supervisor; recognize client's comprehensive needs and discusses with interdisciplinary treatment team.

The omission of specific statements does not preclude management from assigning specific duties not listed herein if such duties are a logical assignment to position.