Volunteer-Intake Worker

Characteristics of Position:

All volunteers are expected to effectively support the agency's mission to provide consumer-centered care to those with substance disorders or with co-occurring substance and psychiatric disorders.  Provides juvenile justice client-centered care for those with substance disorders or with co-occurring substance and psychiatric disorders, or other services.

  Pre-requisite Requirements:

High school education and one year of experience working in law enforcement, juvenile justice, criminal justice, human services, or other relevant setting is preferred. A Bachelor's degree in juvenile justice or criminal justice accepted for the high school and one year of experience.

Must possess competencies specific to the service/s provided.  Competencies may include life experience, training, certification, education or other background in the service area.

Physical /Safety/Health Considerations:  Standard office environment in a locked facility.

Quality of Work Expected:  Level commensurate with satisfactory Intake Worker Volunteer performance

Quantity of Work ExpectedCommensurate with level necessary to fully meet obligations

Scope of Responsibilities:  Duties include spending a majority of time administering the JAC Intervention Assessment and performing control room functions.  This position observes clients for changes in behavior and communicates regularly with clients, co-workers/shift supervisors as appropriate.

SupervisionVolunteer work is performed under the supervision of a Program Director or Supervisor. This position does not provide supervision to others.

Core Responsibilities/Essential Functions:

  • Completes admission and orientation documentation. 
  • Assists Detention Screeners and Diversion Specialists with phone contacts to parents and law enforcement.
  • Communicates regularly with clients, co-workers/shift supervisors and others as appropriate.
  • Performs related work as required / assigned.

The omission of specific statements does not preclude management from assigning specific duties not listed herein if such duties are a logical assignment to position.