Behavioral Health Technician PRN Addictions Receiv

Characteristics of Position:

The direct service assistant provides client centered care by facilitating, participating and monitoring the treatment activities of clients with substance disorders or co-occurring substance and psychiatric disorders.


Pre-requisite Requirements:

  • High School or GED
  • All ACTS, Inc. employees must be able and willing to work when expected to accommodate program and/or agency needs, participate in the agency's Quality Improvement Program and attend all assigned/required trainings, practice on-the-job safety at all times, and demonstrate the ability to communicate and work with others and be respectful of peers, supervisors, clients, guests, etc. If required by contract or administrative rule, must fully participate NAPPI (crisis intervention) training and able to apply same to work setting.


Preferred Attributes:   CBHT

Physical / Safety/Health Considerations:     Standing, walking, carrying, stooping, speaking, and listening

Incentives and Differentials:   

Quality of Work Expected:       Level Commensurate with satisfactory Direct Service performance for position

Quantity of Work Expected:   Commensurate with level necessary to fully meet obligations

SupervisionPosition reports to the Program/Shift Supervisor as directed and  does not provide supervision to others.


Scope of Responsibilities:

Adheres to agency model and documentation for admissions, treating persons with co-occurring disorders and orientation. Carries out tasks associated with laundry, a clean living environment, and ensures safety of clients receiving services.


Core Responsibilities/Essential Functions:

  • Demonstrates a general knowledge of program professional plan, program policies and procedures. Performs and documents pre-admission searches, and informs designated personnel of bruises, etc. and searches clients' property for contraband. Makes frequent rounds of facility to insure adequate safeguards and client safety are maintained. Facilitates/complies with emergency preparedness - monthly mock scenario emergency drills.
  • Communicates regularly with clients, co-workers/shift supervisors and others as appropriate, and engages clients to talk about their mental illness and substance misuse. Observes clients for changes in behavior, monitors activities of clients, motivates clients to participate in activities, and also guides and advises clients in their personal adjustment utilizing verbal de-escalation techniques. Interprets the client handbook for clients as needed; applies applicable rules and regulations to clients.
  • Assists clients in preparing for court appearances or other outside activities, and implements supportive, psycho-educational and recreational groups. Advises and guides clients on personal hygiene habits. Monitors and tracks compliance with self-administered medication process if instructed. Oversees collection of urine specimen for drug screens and may complete and record vital signs as assigned. Assists clients in gathering/obtaining personal property when discharged.
  • Documents individual contacts, daily case notes, incident and injury reports and grievances. Answers phones and provides other administrative support as needed. Builds new case files and breaks down discharged client case files.
  • Performs related work as required /assigned.

 Preferred Attributes:                   Certified Behavior Health Technician

Incentives and Differentials:    Certification

PROGRAM SPECIFIC: The program includes the following duties and responsibilities for this position:

  • Serves meals to clients and participates in the school lunch program
  • Administer first aid in accordance with medical protocols and/or physicians standing order
  • Refers to and updates communication log/email regarding resident issues and concerns
  • Adheres to Program Duties and Responsibilities checklist 

Specialized Duties/ Tasks

  • Must possess valid Florida Drivers' License, industry accepted driving history and maintain vehicle insurance required by State of Florida.  If required to drive an ACTS' vehicle, must maintain drivers' license and history as listed above and participate in all transportation-related training activities, including on-the-road driving test relative to appropriate and safe operation of motor vehicles.
  • May transport clients to medical facilities, court appearances, recreational activities, or 12-step meetings as applicable to program structure
  • Attends monthly team meetings and monthly BHT meetings